Yummy…Culinary Tourism in Thousand Island

Don’t say you are a foodie lover but never taste the delicious of Untung Jawa Grilled Fishes.

Untung Jawa Island is a place for seafood lovers. It offers fresh fishes with different kind of cook. May they grilled fishes, Milkfisih, Snapper, Pomfret, Rabbitfish, Shrimp Padang Sauce, or Squid.

For Vegetables you can order Cah Kangkung, Gado-Gado, Rujak

You can sit in the mat or in Bahasa we call it “Lesehan” or in a plastic/wooden chair while enjoying the yummy grilled fresh fishes.

It will be a perfect Culinary Trip with the sea breeze caress  you while eating.

So, ask your family, friends and coworkers to enjoy the yummy of Grilled fishes in Untung Jawa Islands

Invite them to have a culinary trip by speedboat/yacht. Yacht will be perfect choice for privacy, intimacy and  togetherness.

Untung Island is located in Jakarta Bay, it could be reached by speedboat about 30 minutes from Marina Ancol.

Untung Jawa Island is near  Rambut Island. You can see Rambut Island  from Untung Jawa. If you want to take Culinary Trip to Untung Jawa Island, you may consider visit Rambut Island. Rambut Island is a heaven of birds in Jakarta. Rambut Island is a home for Thousand Birds. You can see many birds from birdwatching tower.

For further information


021 60547361

081398631454, 085781222647

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