Be An Eco-Friendly Traveler

Take nothing but pictures

Leave nothing but footprints,

Kill nothing but time

We human being need Mother Earth more than Mother Earth needs us. We can’t live without Mother Earth. As a Traveler, you must love mother earth. These tips may help you to be a responsible traveler

  • Guys, please don’t litter. If you have rubbish but don’t find any trash bin, please keep your rubbish till you find the binDo-Not-Trash-Litter-Sign-S-4266
  • Please don’t pick any flower or plant. When you do Hiking, you see how beautiful the edelweiss are, it seems you want to keep them as souvenir, please don’t do that. Let the Edelweiss be there.
  • Don’t disturb any animal or kill them. Some animal looks cute, you see them hiding in sand, don’t bring them to your home. The Animals live more happily in nature than in your home 🙂
  • Use Public Transportation. You save Gasoline more over your traveling will more adventurous  by using public transportation.
  • Turn off the electronic devices when aren’t used. Before leaving the hotel, make sure you turn off the light, AC, TV and other.
  • Don’t buy souvenir made of extinct plants or animals.

Be a responsible traveler, Love Mother Earth!

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