Pre Wedding Photography Tips

Prewedding session on Boat with DecaptionPhotography

Prewedding session on Boat with DecaptionPhotography

We are happy for you guys. Soon, you will have a little happy family. You want to take some photos before the big day, called Pre wedding session? Before you take pre wedding photo shoot, then you have to read these tips. They are not complicated tips, just Simple, 5 W + 1 H

  • Why? Why pre-wedding session is so important? Indeed,  Pre Wedding session is a way for you and for your photographer to know each other. Talk to your photographer about your likes and dislikes. Tell the photographer your expectations, then the photographer knows how to get the best photos of you in your pre wedding session and in your Big Day. Pre Wedding Shoot is a chance  for you and for your beloved one to see your pose/style in front of camera. How do you look like in romantic moments?. Are you shy, awkward , or photogenic?
  • What is the concept? Is it indoor or Outdoor. Discuss to your photographer about the theme, whether they are beach, garden/park,  country or city.
  • Who? Who is the photographer? Who is the make up artist? Who is the art of director?
  • Where? Where the photography sessions take place? This related to point “What” Is it indoor or outdoor or both? If it is out door, you have to consider the weather, location, transportation.
  • When? Is it morning, day or night? Weekdays or Weekend
  • How Much? How much the pre wedding session cost you? Don’t forget to calculate the amount of charge location, transportation, etc

If you want to take pre wedding photos in Thousand Islands, you must consider these things:

  • The Specific island. Thousand Island consist of hundred islands. Are you going to Tidung island, Harapan Island, Sepa Island or other islands. Public Islands or Resort?
  • How to go there. You can go to Thousand Islands from Muara Angke, Muara Kamal, Pantai Mutiara and Marina Ancol. If you want to take one day photos, for example in Tidung Island, you have to go from Marina Ancol by speedboat. By Public Boat Muara Angke, it takes 2.5-3 hours journey, by speedboat it is only 1 hour
  • Location Charge/Entrance Fee. Tidung island is public island, if you want to take pre wedding shoot here, you don’t have to pay entrance fee or and location charge, but if you want to take the shoot in resort island such as Bidadari Island, you must pay for entrance fee and location charge.



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